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How solar power can prevent lightning
February 11 , 2022
If you're considering home solar power generation or have effectively adopted it before, you're probably thinking about how your solar panel system will charge in places prone to severe weather and hail.

During the rainy season, installers worry about the impact of strong storms and lightning, as they are the mainstays of solar power systems.

The time and cost of repairing some of the damage from indirect and primary events is enormous, so it would be beneficial to protect them in advance.

Fortunately, solar panel systems are much more powerful than they appear.

How do solar panel systems withstand strong winds?

We believe that one of the most important home solar systems is the rooftop solar system. There will be a 6-inch space between the roof and the solar panels. Thus, making the rooftop solar panel system able to withstand strong winds without creating excessive upward causes. Even if the breeze has some upward force, commercial energy bolts can anchor the solar modules to the racking system on the roof. When installed correctly by installers, solar panels can withstand storms well.

What are solar panel systems made of?

They typically make solar cells from silicon, which itself is considered a fragile material. Other materials for rooftop solar panel systems are aluminum, glass, and other precious metals. While none of the consumables look hard enough individually, when put together they make for a very durable and resilient surface area.

Do we have to set up other lightning protection products to protect lightning safety?

The need to install lightning protection equipment depends on the area and environmental conditions. It is recommended to set up lightning protection devices in the following situations:

If the solar energy is in a lightning-prone area
The presence of heavy metals such as water tanks, solar water heaters, satellite dishes, etc.
Cable length greater than 100m
Dry soil with poor conductivity

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