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Practical Winter Power Station Operation And Maintenance Guide
April 12 , 2021

一、Anti-snow Articles

1、Household power station

Owners can be required to clean up by themselves. First, pay attention to personal safety when cleaning up. It is forbidden to go up on the sloped roof without protection to prevent falling.

The second is to use soft cleaning tools to prevent scratches on the component glass. Be careful not to wash the battery components with hot water. Uneven heat and cold will damage the components and cause internal failures.

When removing snow, it must be cleaned. Even if it is a small part, the mismatch of the blocked components will be more serious.

2、Industrial and commercial factory roof

Although the load of the color steel tiles and the inner column of the factory building has been considered at the beginning of the project design, if there is too much snow, it may also be overloaded and collapse. Countermeasures for cleaning:

1) It is recommended that the inclination angle of the installation components be larger, which can reduce the speed of snow accumulation and prevent snow accumulation
2) Keep a high distance between the module and the ground to prevent snow from accumulating on the bottom
3) Use a soft cleaning material to slowly push the snow down to prevent scratching the surface of the module
4) It is forbidden to step on the components to clean, so as not to cause the components to crack or damage
5) Clean up in time to prevent the components from freezing after snow accumulation, which affects power generation
6) The snow on the components can be automatically removed by smart robots

3、Ground power station

It must be cleaned in time after it snows, and the components will lose power generation when covered by snow. On the one hand, scientific tools (cleaning robots) can be used for cleaning, and on the other hand, personnel can be organized for directional cleaning.

In addition, the snow cleaned by the double-sided module has some improvement in the reflectivity of the back surface.

Growatt inverters are designed with full consideration of the on-site use environment, and can operate normally and efficiently at -30°C to ensure the normal profitability of the power station.

二、Dust-proof Articles

Winter haze and dust are relatively serious. Dust clings to the surface of the components, reducing the power generation capacity of the power station. In addition, long-term shadows can also cause hot spots and mismatches of components.

Conventional component cleaning can be divided into manual cleaning, water gun cleaning and robot cleaning.
1、Manual cleaning

For areas with a lot of dust, dry climate, and water shortage, you can use a mop or extended glass brush to dust off the surface of dust, sand, leaves, etc., or use a dry or damp soft and clean cloth to wipe the photovoltaic modules. Use corrosive solvents or use hard objects to wipe photovoltaic modules.

Remember that the color steel tile roof cannot be cleaned by stepping on the module board
solar panel cleaning system kit2、Robot cleaning

The way of solar panel robot cleaning is that the power station installs cleaning robots according to the actual situation, and automatically cleans regularly and is unattended.

This cleaning method requires a certain amount of investment in the early stage, but the increase in power generation and operation and maintenance efficiency will improve the return on investment to a certain extent.

Notes: According to statistics, the electricity generated by cleaned modules every week is 3.1% higher than that of uncleaned modules.


Winter operation and maintenance is not only conducive to the improvement of the power generation of the power station, but also the health status of the power station at the upper station. For power stations lacking video or drone monitoring means, the overall safety status of the power station cannot be judged globally by remote monitoring. dimension.


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