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Renewable energy solar advantage
December 22 , 2021
Our existing energy-centric world has shifted its focus to renewable energy. With the increasing demand for special fossil energy services and the subsequent greenhouse fuel emissions, people are increasingly striving to meet our energy needs through cleaner and more environmentally friendly alternatives. There are many types of renewable energy, each with its unique advantages and disadvantages.

Renewable energy includes:
The best embodiment of wind energy in modern society is the construction of wind power stations. In coastal areas, plateaus and other areas, wind energy resources are abundant, which can not only realize the daily supply of electricity, but also clean and pollution-free.
Hydropower is a kind of renewable energy, and hydropower is mainly used for hydroelectric power generation. Hydroelectric power converts the potential and kinetic energy of water into electrical energy.
Solar energy refers to the heat radiant energy of the sun, which is mainly represented by the sun's rays.
Tidal energy refers to the tidal phenomenon caused by the change of the moon's gravity. The tide causes the sea level to rise and fall periodically, and the energy produced by the rise and fall of the sea and the flow of tidal water.
Geothermal energy is natural thermal energy extracted from the earth's crust. This energy comes from the lava inside the earth and exists in the form of heat.
Biomass energy is the energy provided by living plants in nature.
Ocean energy is a kind of renewable energy contained in the ocean, including tidal energy, wave energy, temperature difference energy, salt difference energy, ocean current energy, sea wind energy, and ocean thermal energy.

The beneficial effects of solar technology on the atmosphere:

Ecological defense solar technology will not release any harmful greenhouse toxic gases into the atmosphere. Given that India may be the most polluted country in the world, solar technology is the best choice.

Inexhaustible energy-solar energy technology is undoubtedly an inexhaustible resource. It may be involved a lot in the next few years. It is predicted that by 2050, it will become the largest source of electricity.

Multiple uses-Many people don't know the number of uses for solar technology. Solar energy can be used for food preparation, home heating, drying, not to mention electricity. It provides multiple uses to make it more trustworthy and helpful.

By choosing solar technology to help the economy, the demand and cost of its alternatives (coal, natural gas) will be reduced, thereby developing an ideal market for the field of solar technology. This may have a major impact on the economy, thereby creating more jobs across the country.

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