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  • Apr 26 , 2020 How to Clean Your Solar Panels
    According to measurement, the dirt and dust on the surface of the modules caused an avergage annual reduction in power generation efficiency of 6%. During the period of lack of raining, the power efficiency loss can reach 15% or more due to accumulated dirt in the surface of the modules. Traditional Way VS C21 Solar Panel Cleaning System * Common Cleaning Tools * Waste Time for Cleaning * Waste Ma...
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  • Apr 01 , 2021 Will photovoltaic and 5G base stations affect power generation?
    1. If distributed photovoltaic power plants are built together with 4G and 5G transmitting base stations (without reflection), will it affect power generation? A1: Due to the particularity of the base station, the base station needs to be built in a high place. Photovoltaic power generation is one of a variety of complementary ways of supplying power to base station equipment. There are many facto...
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  • Apr 12 , 2021 Practical Winter Power Station Operation And Maintenance Guide
    一、Anti-snow Articles 1、Household power station Owners can be required to clean up by themselves. First, pay attention to personal safety when cleaning up. It is forbidden to go up on the sloped roof without protection to prevent falling. The second is to use soft cleaning tools to prevent scratches on the component glass. Be careful not to wash the battery components with hot water. Uneven heat an...
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  • May 08 , 2021 Attaching Your PV System To Your Roof
    In our first article of our Solar 101 series, (Is my roof ready for solar?) we discussed the age of our roof and how it affects the finances involved in a solar installation. Now, we’ll consider the roof’s physical characteristics. After all, the roofing material type and its underlying structure, as well the various angles of its faces and layout, will affect many aspects of the installation. Att...
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  • Dec 22 , 2021 Renewable energy solar advantage
    Our existing energy-centric world has shifted its focus to renewable energy. With the increasing demand for special fossil energy services and the subsequent greenhouse fuel emissions, people are increasingly striving to meet our energy needs through cleaner and more environmentally friendly alternatives. There are many types of renewable energy, each with its unique advantages and disadvantages. ...
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