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Ground Mount Solar Racking Aluminum Support Structure

The solar mounting system provided by is suitable for large-scale commercial and multifunctional installations.
Advantages: easy installation, flexibility of construction, stability and accuracy, extraordinary environmental performance, Suprtb quality.

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    Solar Energy Structu
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    T/T, L/C, Visa/ MasterCard, etc.
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    25 Days
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    Free Design
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Aluminum Solar Mounting Ground PV Module Support Racking / Structure

different type solar mounting system is suitable for the installation of the large-scale for business and multipurpose.

Which is:

* Easy Insatallation.

* Flexibility, Stability and Accuracy of Construction.

* Extraordinarily Environment-friendly Performance.

* Suprtb Quality.

Product Details : 

Model Number : Solar Mounting Structure

Wind Load : ≤42m/s

Snow Load : 500mm

Warranty : 20 Years

MOQ : 1000W

Installation Site : Ground-Roof-Farm

Application : Commercial

Material : Aluminum Alloy

Shipping Time : 5-20 Days

Material : Aluminum Alloy

Payment Terms : TT, ALIPAY, WU, LC, Credit Card etc.

Design standards : Free Design

Free Design : 

Solar aluminum structure

Product Specification : 

Product Specification(N Type)
Snow Loading
Wind Speed
Design Standards
JIS 8955:2011 DIN 1055 ASCE_7-05 AS NZS1170
Mounting Place 
Flat Ground
Available Panel
With Frame; Frameless
Installation Angle
Quality Warranty
10 Years

Product Packing : 

Solar Mounting Ground Structure
Solar Energy Brackets Aluminium

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